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Conscious Capitalism $64 Trillion Dollar Curriculum - Purpose of Hi-Trust banking 99% of humans need
Who was missing from cast of first social good summit-mooc?
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VT & collaboration entrepreneur revolution of micrifranchies and bottom-up value chain mapping
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The Economist & Bangladesh - VT & 1976's 2 great calls for wholeplanet redesign of 21st C systems :
3 most important metrics of pro-youth economics: goodwill, sustainability, transparency
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UNwomens - 10 years of leapfroging - bangladesh paradise lost?
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Will Americans lost First 100 Sustainability Nations Status
Dear Parents - do you want children to still be born in 4 generations time?
Can geneva sustain the world writes 0in 2001 i started 3 years as a volunteer sig editor on european union konlwedgeboard- oddly at that time the emotional inteligence group

i edited content debates for the first subnetwork which wasnt driven by expert technologists (oddly my fathers friend of post industrial revolution peter drucker had meant something very mych  ore human by knowledge workers than the EU decided knowledge management was about ) - as the technolgists got more and more virtual we welcomed collaboration city /cafe hubs - see also super city ideas of worldclassnations

so our subnetwork took on the responsibility of mapping who would host meetups in their city as knowledgeboard members travelled across the 20 or so countries -then people starts so-working offices they also

called hubs such as the first of 50 or so that sprung up out of islington- these were a mixed blessing as you now had to be a paid up member to network

your city- our good hubs guide emerged in every shape and form - for example why shouldnt every school have a beyond the classroom open space-  wwe soon realised that there was one simplest qualification that multipled the cooperation spirit - harrison owens open space technology - if you havent expereinces that we doubt that cooperation is being valued optimally- fortunately this humanm methoodology pioneered in 1984 preceded the tech needed for hackathons etc

as time went by we started inventing what training topics new universities could peer to peer mentor - universityofstars was requested by a budding olympic gold medalist- one of lour universities ended up being maionly replaced by a real journal of social bsuienss eduited by adam smith scholars out of glasgow and to date 12 uears of visits to bangladesh has sebnt young journalists to clarify how village gorls empowerment networks built that nation -see our page on world record jobs creator sir fazle abed, and help us summarise wjat needs to link along with UNwomens at linkedin

if she wanted to be grounded with real projects who could mentor her - the idea was launched 2005 december in delhi with 1000 fans of gandhi which complemented londons huge be the change summit that connected annually out of te quakers house until its lead facilitaor was killed in 7.7  

-the following needs massive updating for 2009- the woerld economic forum is ussing the hub language to locate its 6 youth-cochairs in 2019 

wef elders hubs called IR$ appear in beijing tokyo san francisco as well as its geneva hq with book of klaus schwab on Industrial Revolution 4

6 global shapers hubs mentioned as youth co-chairs jan 2019 with outgping world bank jim kim and microsoft ceo are located

osaka stockholm chicago  bogota ebril kakuma (kenya)

come back soon as we need to re-edit lot of old stuff below


a world citizen open source guide to hubs - ask for our latest sample copy- co-produced with researchers of world record jobs -  from our good hubs guide started in 2005 when we were an early supporter of the angel islington hub experiment- this became impact hubs around the world- a lot of lessons have been learnt from that 

today impact hubs dont rank in our top 10 but this is because hubs have become a way a supercity's region can stay relevant to linking worldwide exchanges between youth as the sustainability generation -such a purpose needs both financial backing and connections of the nations' top future technologists- note how wework recent re-arrangement by softbank ; in turn note how softbank has ipo'd a third of its mobile business to fund the future of AI research- this in tandem to jack ma's 15 billion dollar worldwdwide research academy damo and the expos in tokyo and other olympics cities he helps to co-stage on how youth can revitalise sustainable communities

or consider how neraly 50 years of history of world economic forum networking is now meshed with 3 back from the futrtire industrial revolution 4 bhubs located kin Sa Frabnscicso, Beijing and tikyo -while wef headquarters linkins in Euriope's only youth-inspiring city Gneva- with unctad proudly celebrating their United Nations apoounytemdnt of Jack ma ans world youth entreprsie ambassadoir, theior articifiial intelligence envoy sophia, their bianaul summits on how world gtrade inpacts ssutainability of nations, alongosde geneav's other institutipns of the ITU now under 8 years of chiense chairmanship, the who and wto; wehn a relatively smll city convenes such a world calss diary of meetings - there is so much for youth to hub that tradintional universityu coleges cant expect to innocvate fats enough - see also how digital events networks - from the grind to eventbrite help youth to replicate inspitred agendas from city to city

one wing of the UN - caled UN Acadmic Impact - actuially invites 15 partnhers to sposor worldwide hibs- eg UNAI has teamed up with wqatgar foundatiuon to hub solutions for refugee education - see education for all; another UNSAI example is its arraangemnet with world calss nanotechnolgy professors to linkin all appplication for poorest vailagers with ama's kerala based movement - which now cals major tech experiements in vilage ammlabs- where a technolgy partner teams up with a developing nation to experoiment in a ;poor or sdg challenged community the terminolgy of lab is ofetn used for spaces where vilagers can share in family sized entrepreneurs networking - at its peak grameen bank was desgined around 10000+ spaces fpr women vilagers tp meet -microhubs by anything but name- in fact dr yunus first mobile experiemnmts leveraged this grassroots networking striuctiure to loan one vailage mother per center of 60 women a mobile phone which both rented to all the lother violage mothers and whgere she catalogued a living yellow pages of urgent contact vilagers could now linkin for the first time

the world's poorest vilage women developed the 8th most populos nation bangaldesh not through an isolated finacial system but a catalogie lof what becme hundereds of microfranchsies that vilagers could operate top secure ;positive income whilst also probvidoing a life-crotoical service such as all sorts of food security from rice tpo vegetables tp ;piltry to ;powered milk - sadly acaademia and others who extended  microfinance around the g,lobe didnt truly replicate the bangaldesh system at all -nfia become one of the countrtues vioilently disilusioned by fame microcredi; fiortunatley china stidied bangladesh with deep cultural and contextual understanding.

some comoavct nations and autonimous tregiuoksn have brelaunched themsoelves round world class conerefernce centres and emergent universities- an emerguent university isnt stafeed by old professors but works out who to recruit in line with coneference subjects that the place becamopmes a landamrk for hposting- note duba's latest revisopning around the annual million dilars gteachers prije- and how jeju governor used the opportunity of hosting aiib 2017 to launch green big bang club- and invitatiuon to 10000 mayors and governors to benmchm,atrk a jojn frace to carbon-zero communities and the offer tpo arange voisas for any inward investir in green engtreprenusrhip- this connects well with a new servive koreas offers- it will plant a haalf million hi-tech subrb in a city in less than 3 years which will bevome the safgest anmd most desited space for tech entrepreneurs tpo live work and hub  

nowhere has taken to hubs like china supercities and they are in a league of their own (ask for our separate guide and how to be a correspndednt from china's top 30 youth dream cities)

we would recommend anyone who wants to test china's sincerity in youth startups (5 million created in 2017) is welcopme to join in our quarterly tour of beijing hubs which starts around tsinghua- with peking university - this now offers 10 squeare miles of future business and hubds making mit's one square mile look a bit historical (though still our favorite space in the english speaking world)- start eg at - a space which help tsinghua studnets bridge to becoming netrepreneurs- ample support from tsinghua professors- ample ftreal world wonnections given tsinghua graduates leading particpation in serve china- where 1000+ top graduates give a year of their time to live in vilages and ghelp specify missing tech apps vilagers need most

with amazonhq2.1 coming to  crystal city -virginia 1776 looks well placed to become us tech's most exciting hub with a world perspective - from crustal city to central dc to brooklyn to san franscicao to dubai - congrats to its its aol grandads like case and leonsis whose dream that one day america will design supercity conurbation where 25 million family members can thrive can now be tested around Dc and New York (amazon hq2.2 is in long island queens)- the debacle over 200 cities applying tgo amazon that never had a chnace needs to be a wake up call- why all tghis public money isnt partly redeemed with a nation wide trasnparency databae whowing each places propsoed atractions to amazon is something thaty every ;politician in jusa with any futire ctredibility among youth should be addressing

womens hubs are alive and well thanms to 500 women in san franscico and mountain view with the irrepressible denedy yand coeneting world tours twoice a yrear to her co-place of origins brazil and china as wellas afvrica- the pod culture of chiewnse americans across the valley is a shining light in a world that must soon take on trump in evey way he tries to block uopen soyrcing tech 4 syustainability

kenya is a strange space- it continues to be a world as well as continental leader of hubs that hack thanks to ihub that keeps its tech gravity through its associloation with being where usahidi was founded; however kenya's interventions of mpesa and jamii biora seem to have lost theior ownership by and for poorest youth - the fact that unhabitat now has a new leader out of nairobi- the former femal mayor of penenmang - makes her editorial job of top 50 supercitoes of ssutainabilityu for the 2020s difficult to review transpoarently - will nairobi's loss of depth be featured

the ecomerce world of jack ma plants small enterprise zones free of world trade curveballs - with malaysia represneting soythe east asia ewtp belt road with china and rwandsa representing africa's- expect borthy nation's capitals to become leading bencmarks of how ecoomerce can redesign value chains around smes- note the opportunity to commemoreate hubs whgerever jack ma offers 3ooo person masgterclass- in 20o17 detroit and tornoto being the furst to gain gateway17

many of the national leaderships clubs celebvarting annual debriefes with xi jinpoing ask for jack ma's training - this goes most notably from the communique of the scvo including riussia india pakistan all wanting their youth to understand how ecoomerce can end digital divides

up to 20 coluntriues have an opportunity to l.aunch hubs round digital cooperation given their natioanl adviosers joint creation of this briefing for the to[p of the inoted mnations due march 2019 

never forget the symbiosis between hubs and where a country's youth deciodes tp co-create a new curriculum- take australia's 10thousand girl network sharing tips on how women can make sure they are finaacially sustainable- clearly a network of thbis magnitude afford opportunity for active collaboration cafes in every city 

from the getgo we have been interetsed in how hubs use open space methods including the full scale 3-day method of harriuosn owen now over 400000 performances stroing and such  simplified one-hour formats as collaboration cafe- why doesnt everu school linkin communities by trying out colaboration cafes - children form 9 yeares old up take to hostong debates on insseues that magter to them like duch to water provided they are empowered so tpo so- see this ahiti citcle

help us map the connection between hubs, 13 belt roads and lother cooeration across cioties and global vilage that value woemn, gir;ls and boys as community buidlers capable of rocking sustaionability world's goals #TheEconomist moon landing+50= education's entrepreneurial revolution or extinction

these are the most exciting times to be alive
edutech 2019-20 Belt Road - Hangzhou, Geneva, Tokyo & You
Valuing youth- maps, In search of Purpose
Moon Jae-In, Masayoshi Son, Jerry Yang
#br2 manmohan singh & nilekani
Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser what will happen IF new york doesnt become world class learning space
w1 pope francis
yes trust sino-us world peace now by solving what scares their peoples
support macron as world record job creator while recognising eu's house of cards
top 10 - job creating education networks
2025 report - last 7 years to global sustainability
these are the most exciting times to be alive
world's most valuable innovations
World Record Book of Job Creation
w33 negropronte- mit media right man wrong time
Muhammad Yunus and
w37 paul polak -#BR6 poverty's psychiatrist opens space: bottom pyramid's most dramatic market maker
valuetrue audit - good or bad apple
Belt Road maps can VALUEtrue where 21st C finance * edutech co-creates jobs and sustains ne(x)t gen
Can ChinaWise YouthWorldBanking launch 30000 Microfranchises MOOC
Nov 7 What the world needs from its top 2 presidents -sad , good, change news
american humbug
time to ask: can usa get rid of zerosum journalists
ER (1968) Exponential Impacts of Industrial Revolution
What do the peoples do when parts of its government are destroying the future
Chartering human purpose- best or worst of times?
current chat
who are the brave ones
#HQ2 - supercity map of Baltimore-DC
E1 Xi Jinping - World's Number 1 Job Creator - Peoples Global2.0
Mao Daqing
time for world's top leaders to innovate with peoples of poor nations
is it time to have co-presidents of usa?
10 greatest Educators- ER year 50
E2 Jack Ma and E3 Sir Fazle Abed
failing education - the sept 26 world bank reports
Elon Musk
MAPS eg Mandela Belt Road
imagine journal of economies of tech founded by ma and bezos
new technology development banking
dear under 30s -only china friendships can save the sustainability generation
sustainability = 10 times less tv ads/lobbying that usa
coming soon - trump's adventures in asia
W4 Justin Trudeau
w26 tim smit
curriculum of cpc - how did china invent the future of people-centric economies and societies
w11 george soros
Profiling sustainability partnerships of nations
MIT media lab
goodwill = over 90% of value of people-centric market leadership
help! with top 20 Economist challenges
ABC invites you to WISE@UNGA NY Sept 2018 Mother of all Learning Sapces
thriving states - why usa should not want to be number 1 nation any more
end poverty by 2020 - china hows
can ecommerce be designed to develop all peoples?
supercities - friendly nations and ER
e19 who can latin americans trust most in dc and bay area- moren, blum. perini
can you choose one of 30 economics map to help 8 billion livelihoods thrive?
nations united youth - health &
80% of americans are fed up with congress big banks bad media .so?
youth's questions to empress merkel
Our era of people developing economies - English the biggest losers?
developing people - whole new world of trade and sustainability
WRBJC Can youthful curiosity sustain the world?
Leapfrog Education Now
e99 lee kuan yew
belt regions
robin li
Pony Ma
Thorkil Sonne
Li Ka-shing
jeff bezos
Even small nuclear war would end 3 billion livelihoods
obama the least entreprenurial leader ever - valuing american youth
linkin UNwomens - Valung Peace Entrepreneurship
greatest jobs creation brainstorming - Nov 2017 Beijing
quadirs,sal khan and learning jobs
Nothing is Impossible : Human Sustainability Included
Antonio Guterres
e4 nilekani
W49 Team Skoll
Developing Russian People
Most sustainability livelihoods linked to celebertaing 30000 microfranchise
breaking news brics plus
how to livelihood map
stories: sustainability & 10 times more affordable english as 2nd language
10 westerners who celebrtaed china pacific www sustainable youth century
valuing fussy consumers, smart tourist
5th grade curriculum china friendships worldwide
W2 Kissinger imagine how sustainable youth could be if sino-us friends blossom
Michael Palin - English Speakers Last Mediator?
chinese speaking youths biggest request?
Y1 Eva Vertes and YP-CDN
future of china -monthly newsletter september sampler
breaking q1 ?china-canada youth save worlds of asia and americas
Paul Polak
Muhammad Yunus
1 6 roundtable 2017
co-share bikes top 100 supercity project 2017
Index System of World Record Jobs
can global2.0 be designed around hi-trust commns systems
China-India win-win youth trade
Games of WRJC - World Record Job Creation
w99-7 smith wilson keynes
ER Norman Macrae
worlds biggest maths errors - not a grey rhino in sight
Chinese Capitalism - sustaining worldwide youth
POP's Top 10 Future History Shocklines
jobs supervillages Sir Fazle Abed
China's next half billion jobs will win-win with youth everywhere
academy of million dollar teacher prize
old or new society - in which do you wish to live & learn?
100 western ways to ruin social media
supercities and
Girls World Bank -#1 open space DC China Bangladesh London Glasgow NY Boston Melbourne Dubai ...
Opportunitygoals 1 -starting the search uniting top 20 youth opportunity segments of sustainability
World Record Book of Jobs Creation
Diarrhea Curriculum - Valung India's and Health Networks Greatest Innovation for Sustainability
Introducing You to World Record Games of Job Creation
women and youth manage poverty. so why not heart of development
Losing Sustainability- the greatest intergenerational mistake?
The Economist's quest for 10 times more economical healthcare 1984-2014
lone innovation summit at EU
Googledoc the most collaborative 24 month race youth have played
Partners in world record book - and games - of JOB CREATION
Series of yes Washington DC college students can projects - 1 linkin job creating orphanages
Did millennium goal microcreditsummits take a wrong turn and willl it fatally impact net generation
review ONCE IN A GENERATION at youtube
Help Rank ER's top 50 pro-youth hubs and clubs
Valuing Net Generation
Your country cant grow unless ruled by economists whose purpose is end unemployment, invest in youth
why the island nations of europe need to design our youths future
Brand Chartering - help search for 1000 most famous identities that societies value most
help find 100 leaders of 2010s= youth most productive decade 1/100
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goodwill = ober 90% of value of people-centric brand leadership & webs
goodwill = ober 90% of value of people-centric brand leadership & webs
Norman Macrae
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health education triangle

50 year ago , as man race to the moon, norman macrae began writing in the economist about the 7 year period when young and old people had between 1000 and 2000 times more communicataions tech- would grandparent parents and children mobilise this planet chaning innovation to transform education-livelihpoods so as to help the under 30s be the sustainability generation well 2019-2020 are the tipping point years- when we survey people and the artificials around the wrld the chiense say yes this will be easy to create half a billion livelihoods around as long as other youth  celebrations link in (eg the japan olympics sponsired by the world's most extraordinary teacher jack ma) - lets map  diaries of these 2 most exciting years to be alive across 13 regions where youth are desperately needing education to chnage so they can make a sustainable living
 Join Debate - why did it take 8 years to race to the moon and 62 years to race to saving our species from extinction? 

watch out for japan olympics and japn g20- cheer on korea if north and south cpome tigether jotfully- note singpaore is 1 the ruichest island people 2) the fastest learning 3 th cultura;lly most self-secure youth-wuth china 2000 more tech will be in good education hands wherever iots shared out of thiss region


far far east its fitting japan host ma's olympics and softbank was his original invstir with a bit help nof taiwan american jerry yag of yahoo- between 1950 nad 1975 superb electronic and civile engineering inventions started out of japan then south kore- bui8lt the world's bsuiesst shpping route liking in the china diaspora islands of taiwan honkg kong - and the maritime gateway to the west singapore; during q3 japan became the 2ng biggest economy and china disapora 3rd

q4 on the continent facing eastern coastal belt of eurasia, a billiion pewople happily accpeted the dias[pora's inward investment chalenge to be the ghardest working developper humans have ever seen- without china there would be no focus around half a billoion youth dreas- the rest of the world's bigest marjets ar choc full of old people and the of the g7 richest nations not one outside ameruca has over 40 million youth and america ever since nixon has disinvested in youth like sustainability has no tomorrow the asian south cpast hasnt been so nlucky yet- with the people of teh east caost half the wolrld lives here; there are great possibilitiues eg nilekanis billion person digital iudentity - will such big data be analysed on ground level to maxiumise youth learnjing for a living- the girls of bangaldesh have valued livelihood education more than any gorp since 1975- lets hope that girl emotional lit6eracies dont just come foir treal to every school but will be brought by our friends the Artificial Intelligences fra the most land in eurasais is in rissia and landblocked centra asia- tehe people have been the most disadvanated on the continent since the nlorth copastal belt has been ice blocked until recently- imagine if rissian yout6h could join east and soth asian youith in celebrating positive education technolgies- perhpas its not surprising that jack ma expects russian youth to make key contributions to his 15 billoons of worldwide r&D on tach's newxt big moves- moreove ifr the planet is to be sustainble then we need all arctic circle youth to unite in ways tehir elders never did coming soon 9 more belt road as we explore how people on land are connecetd by where their dhared superports are - given that 90% of all worldwide trade is shipeed! -some of the most eyeopeningly simple ways to get 26 to value youth  landlocked in  europe: the 26 countries shared raiolway line built around dry docks- wherever 2 nations railway guiages are different the dry dock is designed to to tak contanies out of of one strain's caoscehs and into anothers at the speed of digital        



extract from 2024/2025 report written 1984The 20th C Economist's end poverty deputy editor Norman Macrae's alternative "little sister"/ womens empowermetn" future alternative to macroeconomists', big-low-trust-tech: orwells big brother - full book download here


Changing education

There has been a sea-change in the traditional ages on man. Compared with 1974 our children in 2024 generally go out to paid work (especially computer programming work) much earlier, maybe starting at nine, maybe at twelve, and we do not exploit them. But young adults of twenty-three to forty-five stay at home to play much more than in 1974; it is quite usual today for one parent (probably now generally the father, although sometimes the mother) to stay at home during the period when young children are growing up. And today adults of forty-three to ninety-three go back to school - via computerised learning - much more than they did in 1974.

In most of the rich countries in 2024 children are not allowed to leave school until they pass their Preliminary Exam. About 5 per cent of American children passed their exam last year before their eight birthday, but the median age for passing it in 2024 is ten-and-a-half, and remedial education is generally needed if a child has not passed it by the age of fifteen.

A child who passes his Prelim can decide whether to tale a job at once, and take up the remainder of his twelve years of free schooling later; or he can pass on to secondary schooling forthwith, and start to study for his Higher Diploma.

The mode of learning for the under-twelves is nowadays generally computer-generated. The child sits at home or with a group of friends or (more rarely) in an actual, traditional school building. She or he will be in touch with a computer program that has discovered , during a preliminary assessment, her or his individual learning pattern. The computer will decide what next questions to ask or task to set after each response from each child.

A school teacher assessor, who may live half a world away, will generally have been hired, via the voucher system by the family for each individual child. A good assessor will probably have vouchers to monitor the progress of twenty-five individual children, although some parents prefer to employ groups of assessors - one following the child's progress in emotional balance, one in mathematics, one in civilized living, and so on - and these groups band together in telecommuting schools.

Many communities and districts also have on-the-spot 'uncles' and 'aunts'. They monitor childrens' educational performance by browsing through the TC and also run play groups where they meet and get to know the children personally...

Some of the parents who have temporarily opted out of employment to be a family educator also put up material on the TC s for other parents to consult. Sometimes the advice is given for free, sometimes as a business. It is a business for Joshua Ginsberg. He puts a parents advice newsletter on the TC , usually monthly. Over 300 million people subscribe to it, nowadays at a 5-cent fee per person, or less. Here's an entry from the current newsletter:

"Now that TCs are universal and can access libraries of books, 3-d video, computer programs, you name it, it is clear that the tasks of both the Educator and the Communicator are far more stimulating that ten years ago.

One of my recent lessons with my ten-year-old daughter Julie was in art appreciation. In the standard art appreciation course the TC shows replicas of famous artists' pictures, and a computer asks the pupil to match the artist to the picture. Julie said to the computer that it would be fun to see Constable's Haywain as Picasso might have drawn it. The computer obliged with its interpretation , and then ten more stylised haywains appeared together with the question 'who might have drawn these?'. I believe we are the first to have prompted the TC along this road, but it may now become a standard question when the computer recognises a child with similar learning patterns to Julie's.

It is sometimes said that today's isolated sort of teaching has robbed children of the capacity to play and interact with other children. This is nonsense. We ensure that Julie and her four year old brother Pharon have lots of time to play with children in our neighbourhood . But in work we do prefer to interact with children who are of mutual advantage to Julie and to each other. The computer is an ace teacher, but so are people. You really learn things if you can teach them to someone else. Our computer has helped us to find a group of four including Julie with common interests, who each have expertise in some particular areas to teach the others.

The TC also makes it easier to play games within the family. My parents used to play draughts, halma, then chess with me. They used to try to be nice to me and let me win. This condescending kindness humiliated me, and I always worked frenetically to beat my younger brother (who therefore always lost and dissolved into tears.) Today Julie, Pharon and I play halma together against the graded computer, and Julie and I play it at chess. The computer knows Pharon's standard of play at halma and Julie's and mine at chess. Its default setting is at that level where each of us can win but only if we play at our best. Thus Pharon sometimes wins his halma game while Julie and I are simultaneously losing our chess game, and this rightly gives Pharon a feeling of achievement. When Julie and I have lost at chess, we usually ask the computer to re-rerun the game, stopping at out nmistakes and giving a commentary. As it is a friendly computer it does a marvelous job of consoling us. Last week it told Julie that the world champion actually once made the same mistake as she had done - would she like to see that game?

I intend to devote the next two letters to the subjects I have discussed here , but retailing the best of your suggestions instead of droning on with mine."

While the computer's role in children's education is mainly that of instructor (discovering a child's learning pattern and responding to it) and learning group matcher, its main role in higher education is as a store of knowledge. Although a computer can only know what Man has taught it, it has this huge advantage. No individual man lives or studies long enough to imbibe within himself all the skills and resources that are the product of the millennia of man's quest for knowledge, all the riches and details from man's inheritance of learning passed on from generation to generation. But any computer today can inherit and call up instantly any skill which exists anywhere in the form of a program.

This is why automatically updated databases are today the principal instruments of higher education and academic research. It is difficult for our generation to conceive that only forty years ago our scientists acted as tortoise-like discoverers of knowledge, confined to small and jealous cliques with random and restricted methods of communicating ideas. Down until the 1980s the world has several hundred sepaate cancer research organisations with no central co-ordinating database. 

Norman Macrae

follow the Ma: jack has spent since 1994 searching for where big-small chnage will come to chich markets - so fast moving consumer goods chnaged by ecommerce; finance and social sharing markets eg bikes by mobile apps-clouds; furniture by OTO;  jobs education and happiness sectors by 1 refugee and bodrer crossings, 2 expereintial learning olympics and the games of education of youth as sustainability goals generation on every belt road map

Macrae: he was an elegant writer of original ideas who delighted in paradoxes

Macrae: he was an elegant writer of original ideas who delighted in paradoxes

In a list of 20th-century British prophets without honour in their own land, the name of Norman Macrae would surely be in the top half dozen. The lack of recognition was particularly odd as Macrae was a journalist, a profession cluttered with self-promoting egos, and his subjects — economics, politics, technology and several more — were standard fare in pubs and Parliaments. There was hardly an aspect of life that was off-limits for him; through his writing he changed many minds and opened even more; most of his ideas were ahead of their time; and he was incapable of writing a dull sentence. And yet, in Britain at least, his achievements went largely unheralded.

The contrast was not lost on Macrae — his articles delighted in paradoxes of every kind — but it was easily explained. In 1949 he joined The Economist, then as now a publication without bylines, and did not leave it until he retired in 1988. Though he went on to write several books and a column in The Sunday Times, as well as becoming an enthusiastic blogger, his finest phrases and most original ideas appeared in The Economist. He was its deputy editor from 1965-88, and though he hoped to become editor he never let frustrated ambition stunt the enormous role he played in the publication’s success. When he joined the paper in 1949, its circulation was roughly 30,000, on a par with The Spectator and the New Statesman. By the time he left, its circulation had grown to more than 300,000, dwarfing the other two. It had indeed become, in Macrae’s words, the “world’s favourite viewspaper”.

Norman Macrae was born in 1923 and went to Mill Hill School in north London. In 1935 he moved with his parents to Moscow, where his father was British Consul. The memories of Stalin’s purges, and of Hitler’s pogroms during another paternal posting, fuelled Macrae’s passionate belief in freedom — just as his experience in the RAF, as a navigator in bombing raids over Germany, later turned him against the waste of war. In 1945 he went up to Corpus Christi, Cambridge, to read economics. He was not impressed (“Much of Cambridge’s intellectual atmosphere then was of subpolytechnic Marxism”), and it was only when he arrived at The Economist that all the pieces fell into place and his life really began.

Despite its anonymity, The Economist was the perfect pulpit for Macrae. It allowed him to roam, geographically as well as intellectually, and it gave him the time to explore big ideas, many of which appeared in the paper’s surveys — the only occasion when authors had a byline.

Perhaps the most remarkable was “Consider Japan” in 1962; long before Westerners realised there might be something to learn from that defeated and hidebound nation, Macrae predicted Japan would become the world’s greatest manufacturer. One reader wrote to the editor urging that, next time Macrae went travelling, he should take a hat with him so the sun wouldn’t addle his brain.

Macrae’s articles were full of such prescience. In 1973, when oil prices quadrupled, he wrote that they would collapse — which they did, just as spectacularly, two years later. When others were extolling the settled borders of the mixed economy in the 1960s and 1970s, he was predicting a global wave of privatisation. In 1983 he forecast the Berlin Wall would come down in Christmas 1989; he was out by just six weeks. He repeatedly disputed the CIA’s analysis of the size and strength of the Soviet economy, and was in due course proved right. And in 1984 he described not just the coming of the internet but also the effects it would have on how people would work and where:

“Eventually books, files, television programmes, computer information and telecommunications will merge ... There will be cheap terminals around everywhere ... [which] will be used to access databases anywhere in the world, and will become the brainworker’s mobile place of work.”

One of the abiding temptations of futurologists is to predict what they wish for, and Macrae sometimes did just that. He had a deep distrust of politicians and officialdom, so naturally favoured a small state. Hence his words, describing a book he wrote in 1984 called The 2024 Report: “The main event of 1990-2010 was that the world’s 60-year spasm of big government disappeared. We stopped letting politicians spend the absurd 45 per cent of GNP in countries like Britain ... and we all came down to more like the 10 per cent of GNP spent through government in America in 1929.”

That was one of Macrae’s blind spots. The other was most obvious in the 1970s, when he urged the Heath Government on to bigger and bigger fiscal deficits in pursuit of faster growth and lower unemployment. It was one of the few occasions where his thinking was behind events. It took him some years to shed such crude Keynesianism and come to accept that his supply-side crusades were the surer path to faster growth.

Macrae was the most generous of colleagues, a much loved figure who in private struggled to string words into a half coherent sentence — until he picked up his pen. He was also an effective public speaker who for years delighted American audiences with his unique mix of eccentricity and brilliance. He was honoured by the Japanese with the Order of the Rising Sun in 1988. Perhaps that finally stirred the men in Whitehall, as he was appointed CBE later that year.

Macrae had a long and happy marriage to Janet Kemp, who died in 1994. They had a son and a daughter, who died in 1989 when she was 34. It needed a man of great resilience to take such blows, but nobody who knew Macrae could ever doubt that his was indeed a big heart............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Norman Macrae, CBE, journalist, was born on September 10, 1923. He died on June 11, 2010, aged 86


  •  ? - 
    Jun 11, 2010


A British economist, journalist and author, considered by some to have been one of the world's best forecasters when it came to economics and society. These forecasts mapped back to system designs mediated so that readers and entrepreneurial networks could exponentially calibrate shared alternative scenarios. He joined The Economist in 1949 and retired as its deputy chief editor in 1988. He foresaw the Pacific century, the reversal of nationalization of enterprises, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the spread of the internet, which were all published in the newspaper during his time there. Not to get bored, his first ten years in retirement produced the biography of Johnny Von Neumann (the mathematical father of computers and networks), a column for the UK Sunday Times, and a 'Heresy Column' for Fortune. He was the father of mathematician, marketing commentator, and author Chris Macrae. Their joint future history on death of distance in 1984 forecast that 2005-2015 would be humanity's most critical decade irreversibly impacting sustainability. In 1984, he wrote "The 2024 Report: a future history of the next 40 years". It was the first book to: provide readers with a brainstorming journey of what people in an internetworking world might do, and predict that a new economy would emerge with revolutionary new productivity and social benefits enjoyed by all who interacted in a net-connected world. In this book, he wrote: "Eventually books, files, television programmes, computer information and telecommunications will merge. We'll have this portable object which is a television screen with first a typewriter, later a voice activator attached. Afterwards it will be miniaturised so that your personal access instrument can be carried in your buttonhole, but there will be these cheap terminals around everywhere, more widely than telephones of 1984." 
Y ::  :: linkedin UNwomens :: WASHINTGON DC TEXT HOTLIENE (USA=1) 240 316 8157
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chapter 21

These are the most exciting times to be alive. Three generations are determining whether our species will be sustainable. For the first time we are designing technologies that have the same worldwide scale as nature. There is lots of work to be done.


 It would be wise to assume that we have to 2030 to ensure all systems are renewing next generations. At some stage, 2030 or soon thereafter. Risks will be compounding irreversibly – whether our species collapses because of climate, plague, or nuclear or other waves of terror.

 Its lovely having 17 sustainbability goals bur hard for the peoples to ensure that public servants are balancing 17 priorities.

 Entrepreneurial Revolution

Let’s consider a simpler model. This one was worked on for 18 years at The Economist between 1968 and 1984 as leaders around the world were interviewed on whether post-industrial revolution could sustain millennials as the first networked generation.

The Economist projected 3.5 billion jobs for youth of which 3 billion would be remew:

Renewing community so that wherever a child was born she had a fair chance of making the most of life

Renewing planet, ending carbon power by going green

Mediating way above zero=sum advantages of investing over 1000 times more in communication technologies 2016 versus 1946.

The Economist refined 4 goals with one early warning sign of whether system transformations were synchronized renewably

Two of these factors came from Keynes life work. He concluded that increasing economist designed what futures were possible for places, and that the Hippocratic oath of economic professionals should be:

End poverty

Continuously improve youth livelihoods out of every community – the goal most people demand as parents

Add in the two big change factors

Going green

Going globally to locally smart in distributing life critical knowhow  jobs and education

The warning signal was health and wellbeing. If we are making optimal use of the new technology, its big data local actionability, basic access to healthcare will be 10 times more affordable. Not health services have many moving parts. By basic The Economist sought to prioritise that which maximized populations working lives. Most health services of that kind are affordable. These are different from

Cost of operations mainly caused by accidents and aggression,

Costs of depressed or dirty society – eg obesity, drug use, some cancers

Prolonging life of elderly at any cost

Navigating all of the above involves mediating cultural and other beliefs that kept people going during the industrial era. Quite frankly the first industrial revolution from 1800 was an era one of extremely uneven progress geographically. At the time The Economist started researching ER one group of humans were racing tpo te moon while over a thir still had no access to electricity grids. This is why The Economist timelines to sustainability included the overarching recommendation- by the strat of the 21st century the majority of people will need to recognise that mans greatest risk is differences in incomes and expectations between rich and poor nations

It is also worth repeating with so much work to be done, any place or region which says it cant design full and good livelihoods for all its youth has a terrifying media/mediation problem. It is spiraling seriously non-sustainable systems which need urgent transformation – benchmark how other places have collaboratively transformed beyond such failed system design 



Examples of whos contributing what to 17 sustainability goals


  E1 Xi Jinping E2 Jack Ma E3 Sir Fazle AbedW2 Jim Kim 
 17 partnerships belt road; over 60 personally agreed partnerships with national leaders often in regional clusters invited nations that value small enterprises to build virtual economy as large as any national economy; has launched 15 billion $ partnership with places building hi-tech academy damo; parthering participative communites  and olympics from 2020   
1 end poverty ending chinese poverty by 2021 is top goal; led his own end poverty project 1988; back at aged 15 his family sent to live in a cave    
 2 end hunger rural agriculture is jinping's core study/passion- he has helped design many crops solutions specifics to china's diverse poor rural areas    


slides for new book on can girls save world?



how hubs blur

some hubs give free access to community memners to bring problems that cpuld be solved; thise that have to finaace theior proiperty privately usually operate as co-working spaces but with an area capable lof staging after hours expert meetings; other hubs become wings of a tech company's districbution to a city- micriosoft has becme known as a hist of hackathons but this has sometimes taked the openness out of the process 

the way alibaba searches back from the future illustrated how inovative relationships nbetween coleges and hi-tech entrepreneur networks may need to be - for example jack ma makes sure he he presents regulary enough at stanford to arrange scouts as to who is ai who -his full time focus on education from spet 2019 may extend this

also note relationships like the building of the world's biggest cashless bank bkash out of bangladesh opwned mainly by the wporld's largestst ngo partnership brac- hostorically much of the coding was inspired by mit and dubai coders helping to translate m;pesa; experts like bill gates jopined in and since summer 2018 jack ma's anty finace has taken a 20% partnership in  

for another insight into how alibaba searches out and hibs talent - see this dece,mebr 2018 jobs posting :  Alibaba Quantum Positions Aliyun Quantum Laboratory (AQL)

Location : Seattle,Washington,United States ; Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China ; Beijing,Beijing,China
Category : Technology - Algorithms
Work experience requirement : 1+ Years
Educational Requirement : Doctorate Job Description Background——————


Aliyun Quantum Laboratory (AQL) was recently launched to realize the revolutionary potentials of quantum information technologies. We are committed to this long-term mission and aspire to build a world-leading program in the next few years. The Laboratory is led by Founding Director Yaoyun Shi, Chief Scientist of Quantum Technologies, Aliyun. English is the sole working language of AQL.


Areas of interest include but are not limited to: computational material science, computational quantum chemistry, computational physics, quantum algorithms, quantum programming languages, quantum circuit synthesis, quantum architecture, computer-aided design of quantum computers, quantum control, implementations of quantum computing systems (super-conducting, ion-trap, diamond NV center, topological, etc.), quantum hacking, quantum cryptography (theoretical), post-quantum cryptography (theoretical and implementation), theoretical condensed matter physics, and gravitational quantum information.

Alibaba Group and DAMO

Alibaba Group is a fast-growing, NYSE-listed e-commerce and technologies company headquartered in Hangzhou, China, with global R&D operations. AQL is proud to be an inaugurating division of DAMO, Alibaba’s newly founded research institute. DAMO’s mission is to invent Alibaba’s future technologies, to increase the reach of technology’s benefits to the world, and to help tackle Mankind’s greatest challenges.

Job Descriptions


Quantum Scientist

Some quantum scientists will investigate fundamental, often theoretical, questions. A successful candidate must have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in his or her area of expertise. S/He is expected to have made a major contribution to a work widely considered among the most significant in the area. A relevant doctoral degree is required.

Some other scientists work toward concrete engineering goals, which may also require solving fundamental and theoretical problems. S/He is also encouraged to devote a significant fraction of effort for independent research outside the engineering tasks. A successful candidate must have demonstrated outstanding research capabilities in his/her area of expertise. A theoretically-trained researcher having an interest to develop engineering skills is encouraged to apply and will be provided the corresponding training opportunities. A relevant doctoral degree is required.

Postdoc, Visiting Scholar, and AQL Intern

The postdoc positions are for 2 years with one additional year of extension continent upon satisfactory performance, available in all the above areas. A postdoc with an outstanding performance may be invited to become a permanent member of the laboratory. Visiting Scholar positions are for academic researchers who have an exceptional track record and are on leave from their home institutions (such as for a sabbatical). Intern positions are students who are currently in or have been accepted to a doctoral program with a focus on quantum information science. The student should have already demonstrated exceptional research potentials. Internship during a regular seminar is possible.



Bellevue (WA, USA), Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen (China) Job requirements mApplication Procedure and Requirements—————————————————— If you are currently an enrolled student, please apply through under “Quantum Positions”. Otherwise, please apply through Search “AQL”. The most important qualities of a successful candidate are evidence of exceptional creativities and sharing our passion and goals. For Quantum Scientist, and Postdoc.

For Visiting Scholar The same as the above, except that for (a), no reference is needed; for (b) please also include the end date. A Visiting Scholar with an appointment of 6 months or longer will go through the same interview process for a Quantum Scientist.



For InternshipThe requirement is the same as that for Quantum Scientist/Postdoc, except that for (a), only two references are needed; for (b) please include the approximate end date, your research interest, and a list of potential AQL mentors; for (c) two publications suffices.

help youth co-edit the 13th year of the good hubs guide

cities with zero ratings - atlanta-rsvp

trach scores of amzon hq2 - this 200 city ratings process is likely tro choose a best hub city 

newtorks with zero ratings impacthub vetsed intersts of relatively few to people- gets the wring end of socail futures because it is not hitrust space for big data small technologists and it in spite of its global persence it doenst nelp in connexting win-win mapmaers

top rating 9/10 sisters of ihub where loction model sponsored by world elding socla tech

500 women 8/10 west coials best pace hub to value apps etc womens sustanability most needs

1776/ 6/10 has minimum mass n attractng tech

yabt- latin calital hubs variable- while te yatb network does a great job this can be over-eidden by local politcs 





As part of Altanta's 2 year bid to become one of the top twin-caputals of job creation with youth the Norman Macrae Foundation (for pro-youth economics and open education) invited youth to hub job creation solution as around the world

 Some of Youth's Brilliant Worldwide Job Creating Network APPS

Develop youth networks with best trading relationships with China as world’s leading sustainability investor

Plant khan academy type labs wherever 9 minute training ideas could viralise around millions of youth

(eg  nursing college; coding college ..)


open source/tech


cashless banking designed round community sustainability, which networks do you want to help connect.

This survey runs for the ext 2 years as Atlanta prepares the greatest ob creating summit and millennium goals collaboration youth have ever
celebrated. queries Norman Macrae Foundation for YouthCapitalism




Some Hubs and Labs rsvp to nominate a listing

Webbed based

.tv wholeplanet futurecapitalism

.com microeducationsummit  trilliondollaraudit mandelauni valuetrue worldclassbrands

Yunus fans family: China, Japan

Grameen fans family : Global Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa

Ning Based : YunusCityBRACnetLeadersandYunus, MYeconomics NormanMacrae

Blog based: YouthCreativeLab


Linkedin: 9500

Facebooked :microeconomics

Twittered : ObamaUni




Panelists and youth prize presenters include

Jim Yong Kim, World Bank

Hadeel Ibrahim executive director mo ibrahim

Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Envoy for Youth

Naila Chowdhury, W4E

Melissa Hillebrenner, Director Girl Up, UN Foundation

Youth summit winners include:

Dwayne Samuels, Jamiaca, Founder Xormis

Salem Kosemani, Nigeria, Team Techoisland

Patrick Olden (St Andrews Scotland) 1 Better Finacial Products for Youth Entrepreneurs in West Africa






Open education is the basis for believing first net generation can be most productive and collaborative ever since dad (at the economist) and my first experiences of youth experimenting with early digital networks in 1972 - this led to next decade of research of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist and book on billion plus new job creation of massive collaboration in 1984 -some of our favorite educator ER until arrival of moocs are

2010s number 1 challenge survey of maximum 9-minute audios with blackboard (ie Khan Academy Style) that millions of youth can change the world withy - connection with specification of top 100 microfranchises that can change the world. Rough proposal of why anywhere linked into massive youth futures (including all universities and schools) needs to develop 9-minute audio labs that youth contribute to


Postcard editorial: Year 42 Quarter 1 from The Economist Youth Entrepreneurial Revolution - our friend taddy blecher (who kindly animated 2nd in series of norman macrae remembrance parties -1 The Economist Boardroom  1A joint souvenir publication with Dr Muhammad Yunus;  2 Taddy Blecher ; 3 Sir Fazle Abed and Japanese Ambassador;  4 Glasgow and Atlanta as Twin Youth Capitals -celebrating the joy of entrepreneurial revolution of youth capitalism and freeing the net generation's net 3 billion jobs) in south africa has shown me his latest project but said its for my eyes only for a few weeks; he's getting funds from south african government and partners like branson and google to guarantee 1 million youth jobs creation over next 5 years and training of 14 million teenagers on entrepreneurship; at the recent world bank youth summit the branson entrepreneurship curriculum was mentioned by a student speaker as the greatest life changer in his transformation from coding whiz to prolific startup partner with his peer generation across jamaica; taddy started the free university in 1999; he has always been skoll's most valued entrepreneur in total education systems well until skoll also featured khan academy last april at his world entrepreneur summits- tantalisingly close to useful connections if only we can find more capital cities (beyond Atlanta) where enough educators and leaders really want them for their youth

MOOCYunus    blog


Wiki25000Youth&YunusRoad to Atlanta

City Montessori -worlds favorite school  and largest social business of education?(50000 )


Free Nursing College

Khan Academy


Iveristy  Udacity and edX

MIT links 5 4 3 2 1

Blecher Free University

Branson sub-curriculum of Blecher

survey of value university

volunteer collaboration editor welcoming your queries: washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655  Norman Macrae Foundation for Youth Capitalism -contribute to search for youth's most massive future collaborators

linkedi 9500 ;  twitter Obamauni -how do we truly help youth value universities and open education






   This site   The Web 




social business investments in hubs linkedin to The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant: Norman Macrae

 History of hubs world and search for exponentials transparent business model partners

Economics: Sch's who's who  ( more details at and

Norman Macrae's 1976-1984 Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy (3 2 1) opened leadership debates as to why economics would need to be transformed if net generation is to exponentially sustain the human race


mapped search worldwide that will be needed to change over to an integrated  economics hubbed out of 2 million global villages empowering 7 billion peoples co-creativity first conceptualised by the 2 sch's (schumpeter and schumacher) 

 Moreover these dynamics of networking economics need to be purposefully designed :

win-win-wins reducing degrees of separation on life critical info flows sans fronriers)

freeing community markets round value multplying exchanges of 10 productivity and demands coordinates gravitated by unique energising purpose

Global Village Collaboration: Media, Metrics & Mediation  

Above zero sum games theory of networking around hubs was mathematically advanced by von neumann and economically examined in The Economist by Norman Macrae in the Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy 1976-1984; its practice was advanced in 1996 my muhammad yunus whose courageous microcredit womens networking since 1976 linked in 100000+ village hubs by buying up mobile franchise in Bangladesh at less than one hundredth of its then value due to an erroneous forecast by a world bank consultant, yunus economic genius and his mentoring at that time by MIT (whose sloan management school were also the sponsors of the biography of von neumann) 

9/11 and 7/7 spurred our family associates to commit to scalling up investments in hubs and what transparency maps are needed- our deepest reporter is the war correspondent callum; our other living missionary is the other one of the 2 norman macraes ; our economics guide died summer 2010 fondly remembered as The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

in 2001-2004 we tried to connect the eu's knowledgboard with emotional intelligence, and system design of micro-up ngos, and open space (practice of peace) from which we innovated the collaboration cafe format.  and out og London global reconciliation network and simppl and be the change- when this resulted in the disastrous 7/7 including the death of one of our most inspiring co-workers , we held an open space in the islington hub inviting only those whose deepest goal was in sustainability exponential destruction crisis that they would openly share all the lead conections of their networks; we sponsored 2 years of research which led to the publication of the first worldwide hub guide during an event that was bilked as being 24 weeks of open space in east central london and identification of 20 hi-trust permission maps as well as a way to start up research that dr yunus asked 3 of us to start doing;  ... 




Our members champion hubs. Our favorite hub network consists of 8 million poorest village mothers hubbed in over 100000 village centres of 60 families. These members bank, community market and share knowhow; over their 35 years existence they have originated some of the most desperately needed solutions in sustainability world and taken every opportunity to linkin the productive capabilities of youth

if this matters to you - email subject membership inquiries

We published the first Good Hubs Guide in 2006, and update it continuously. 

For us a hub is a space that is open culturally and involved in helping open source one or more solutions to the greatest service needs of communities around the world. - see also on how we seek to engage world leaders in valuing the detaiuled maps only hub intelligence can network at the speed of change

 Involvement of hubs can may mean : replicating a world saving solution through to global villages in greatest need, co-creating a solution, funding a solution a poorest youth community needs, or changing education. This is effectively done by providing young people an after-school space -or mentored internet cafe! - to serve greatest needs and map how to value entrepreneurial models that develop places so that next generations can be more and more productive without causing any conflict with neighbours or communities in another hemisphere. Actions in pursposeful teams are also the best way we know of developing a young person's personal network to be entrepreneurially brilliant in the sense of making more jobs than one takes. 

Ubiquitous telecoms change the economic capability of hubs by an order of magnitude in vital human rights areas including banking and investment. However technology for humanity does not work independently of what cuture was grounded in real communities. Our favotite hub spent 20 years refining their 16 decision investment culture before mobile connectivity networked all 100000 hubs.

Future of HubsWorld partners

we sampled londoners with 1000 yunus books in early 2008 including 450 to the launch of the world entrepreneur network; helped 2 by 1000 yunus meetings and 35 people collaboration lunch at the royal automobile club . This was hosted round 85th birthdays wishes of norman macrae - The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant whose career was spent editing  enetrepreneurial revolution's best moments


This led ro  3 summer projects: 2008 yunus 10000 dvd; 2009 yunus 69th birthday wishes dhaka; 2010 glasgow 500 declaration of interdependence weekend around yunus 7th decade wishes. launch of 2 Journals on Social Business and invitation to make 2010s most exciting decade. A major collaboration aim is to empower youth networks to hub round 20 sustainability goals they choose for 2020 connected to global grameen partners linked by futuie capital portals like and  


At the end of 2010 Yunus was subjected to a vendetta from various vested interests including Bangladesh's ruling government and the accident-prone BBC. This has raised the ante on the mobility of hubs to exchange knowow of Yunus and the 100 world leaders whose most exciting projects he inspires as worldwide youth joins in races to poverty museums matched by leaders investing in heroic youth goals (through social busienss stockmarkets and other new models of private and public partnership mediated by youth)



We wish to help design meta-hubs round 5 microeconomics job creators - 2 yunuses (Muhammad and Monica), sir fazle abed, ingrid munro, sam daley harris; we have sponsored the leaflet series consider bangladesh and invite future capitals to do so likewise before yunus testifies at US congress in 2011 which is Bangladesh's 40th anniverary as a free nation; we helped launch journal of job creating economicsby sampling it to 3000 leaders of yunus choice and through all hubs committed to social business model


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