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From an alumni of the mandela extranet partnership college system

"Why I love The Maharishi Institute" WRJC 1.2


 Practical points (rhs) notwithstanding, we recommend considering what world record job creation actions can be discovered from the love of Gandhi Montesorri schooling is being hubbed out of India and where the love of Mandela’s vision is uniting  partnerships and alumni in South Africa. Also a hub out of West Baltimore

First a recap on whole truth satyagraha

Back in 1906, Mahatma Gandhi was in his forties half way through life. As a young man he had not found a curriculum in India worth studying. He had leaned on much of his family tree to send up to the Bar of London to qualify as a Barrister. Returning to the India of the 1890s he was told he was too qualified by prospective employers in Mumbai- thus South Africa had become his main place of work. There were enough Indian Diaspora there to employ him and the country's white colonists operated a legal system with traces of Britain's legal codes.

What hapened in 1906 was Gandgi's Be The Change moment. He was thrown out of a fuirfst class train carriage for having the wriong colored skin. The lesson : it was his profession British Law that was the problem not the solution both in S. Africa and particularly in constraining the livelihoods of his peopels in India  


Design a totally new education system linking every age group and sustain an example of this before confronting Great Britian head on in ending Empire. Gandhi still had to wok for a living -so over the next 20 years while desiging a whole new vocational education system he also started sailing between the hemisphere ports of Mumbai, Durban and London. Ironically he got stuck in London as world war 1 began, and he spent several months working in a first aid network serving Lodoners. As he became increasingly famous, the long ocean trips particularly from Mumbai to Durban became spaces where some people travelled just to co-create with Gandhi.

By 1931 Gandhi felt his ashram-based  education system was sustainable, he made Eound Table speech at Quakers Friends House in London and turhned mainly to his legal activism while Maria Montesorri continued transfering her system in italy to Gandhi's in India.

$ consequences of Gandhi's work on a gtransfiormed education system that can be studies are:

India's Independence

How the culture of Gandhi in South Africa probably contributed to practical ideologies of Mandela including Ubuntu

How the vilage schooling system of montessori became the foundations of how women developed the nation of Bangladesh

Two LOVEQ education system which we will profile below-

City Montessori School Lucknow India of Jagdiosh Gandhi

The Mandela extranet curicula partnerships and Maharishi College whose founder Taddy Blecher has graduated over 15000 extraordinary youth in the virtualy free university system designed for disadvantaged black students out of Johannesburg 



sidenote - hostorically transformative education systems have taken half a generation or more to build- we suggest this means the urgent goals of the 30 national leaders of the greatest #learninggeneration of the will require
1 meta colaboration networks of an uprecedented kind
2 scaling and leapfrog technolgies of exceptional focus - eg blockchain applied to education
we welcome your views  and help in forming worldwide diary of sumits linking in educationcommission - eg in 2017 - Dubai Million Dollar Teachers Award Summit; in Fall Qatar Educational Laureate summit

 Schooling systems where teachers love the children enough to help them transform human sustainability


Let’s recap on Jack Ma’s main points when testifying at the United Nation to 30 fellow national leaders concerned with connecting the next 10 years with the greatest #Learning Generation


I agree with my fellow commissioners

Money is always important

This agenda is urgent now – currently failing schooling systems mean that half of youth will be unemployable by 2030


I would like to add

Expect that most job creating solutions (eg apprenticeships, coders and deep community hubs) will come from outside the classroom

Demand that technology is the solution not just the problem (when automation replaces old jobs)

Demand LoveQ too


Jack needs to be interviewed much more on LoveQ but two of the LoveQ clues appear to be:

In rushing to study artificial intelligence, don’t forget to research what himans are smarter at than machines – eg opening space!

When you ask successful people who was their greatest teacher at school , a key idea is : a teacher who helped me start and continued discovering myself


There are of course occasions where a teacher’s mastery of a subject also matched a child’s latent interest. But mostly discovering myself refers to teachers who made time to see the child as an individual not a standardized textbook recipient


Let us review nations, however controversial it is to do so, by existence of #LearningGenration schooling systems of the Loveq sort


Nation Typology

Benchmark schooling system of #Learning Generation

Small developed nation thriving in learning economy eg Norway, Singapore



Large Developed Nations eg within G20


Large Developing nations eg within G20 eg China, India


Other developing nations

Typically no

Special cases eg Bangladesh



Our reason for making this table is not just to be controversial. We want to highlight these points:

Unfortunately (developed) nations which dominate international aid don’t yet know how to help develop their own children when it comes to celebrating the greatest learning generation  (Trannscript Arne Duncan Panel Jan 2017 Brookings) ; in mediating sustainability goals lets make space for this transformational challenge as well as the those cued by focusing on countries whose children have the greatest development needs. Indeed let’s stop separating aid experts so their knowhow isn’t used in nations where the world global elite organisations of aid are located



While our search for world record job creators see wonderful opportunities rising from China’s forward vision for the action purpose of the G20 lets be clear that the most exciting job creating schooling systems of #LearningGeneration are currently to be found outside of the G20 or indeed lurking in worldwideweb’s boundaryless nature. For example, the UAE has been hosting some of the world’s most relevant summits when it comes to demanding we all help search for greatest #Learning Generation systems

 If you like Gandhi you may like the West Baltimore Union Hub and schooling system (thet first emerged 3- yeras befrore Gandhi's Satyagraha);
could it just be this educational system will transform the whole of Baltimore-DC into a supercity valuing youth livelihoods


Today pretty much anyone could be sharing info with pretty much anyonn else- so one of the most valauble questions to debate as virally as you can is : what youth livelihood valuable information could be hugely popular if

it was mediated but isnt avaiable because  media makes choices that in the west at least dont value youth sustainability as a high priority

example -why do we have travel guides to almosit every entertainment under the sun but not to the moswt wonderful schooling systems whose value could be benchmarked anbd replicated

The Gandhi City Montessori Sy+stem started by a mlom and pop proves so populafr taht up to 50000 families wanted their children to be there - so while this is in the Guiness

Book of redords as the world's most popular school its almost unknown outside India and not studied  for its replication potential that much in India either (in spite of being recognied in Preseident Kalams tiems) as one of India's top 10 schools. This it achieved on up to 100 times less resources

than India's show schools. So why isnt this school being learnt from as one of the gteaest schooling systems on earth. Well apart from this topic not being seen as media-fit, one main reason is that founder Jagdish conforms te Gandhian principle of not owning any assets. Therefoire he doesnt have money to market the school - and sadly these days in the world of social solutions many use huge PR budgets. This still doenst explain (you would think) why social entrepreneur networks like Ashoka dont put CMS near the top of theip pops. And yet schooling systems dont fit in the definition that people like Ashoka's Bill Draytom came up with . I'm still not quite sure why since Bill mentioend that he came up with socoial entrepreneur after reading my fathers 1976 survey Entreprjneurial Revoliution but then the whole world of 20th C American Aid has had a strangely undervaliuing view of schools (at leest the content that they impart to children)

So what can you learn at CMS

how childern can facialtate peace in a town whose muslim and hindhi parents once went to war r- UNESCO recginises CMS as the only shchool in the world an action-proven peace curriculum


how children can use a long sumer vacataion to help almiost amy illeuetrate adult tro erad a news papers

why discovering yourslef before puberty is invalaable as is cross-cultural confidence- to achieve this CMS organsie more student exchnages with 11 yera olds across gthe world than anyne

Attracting annual adult summits like the world conferences of chief justices to the school is a great way for kids to learn - one of the top academin prizes is the honor to ask the judges panel the inaugural question 

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